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What do you know about yourself? Your name, your past, your family roots, a few character traits that those around you have mentioned to you, certain qualities, certain shortcomings, your passions and dislikes, and then?

Why do you react in certain situations the way you do? Is it possible to improve? You are really in control of your life? Is it possible to be happy?

Most people who are genuinely curious about the mind, who have attempted to understand it and how it works, have wound up giving up on the whole subject because of its complexity.

Huge progress has been made in the past sixty years. Thus, the true source of negative emotions, stress and the irrational behavior they may generate, has been identified.

The purpose of this site is to give you access to a set of outstanding discoveries, which are explained with clear and simple words.

We will be also very happy to answer any of your questions.

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