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What is your mind?

The mind is not the brain; it is not a combination of cells and nerves.

The goal of the mind is to resolve problems related to survival, using information it receives and records as pictures. These pictures are three-dimensional including color, sound, smell and many other perceptions.

The mind, a perfect record of the past - Perceptions

These pictures also include the thoughts and conclusions of the person.

The mind is constantly recording pictures of each passing moment of one’s life, just like a movie. It therefore contains a perfect record of one’s past.


For example, you can look at your recording of today’s breakfast. Recall this moment. Can you see what you had to drink?

Note that pictures pop up when you think of something. If you think of a particular dog, for example, you get the picture of that dog, don’t you?

From this one can conclude that one’s mind is a collection of consecutive pictures of a person’s existence, along with all the perceptions and conclusions of each moment, which it then uses to make decisions for the survival of that person.