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How does the mind influence your life?

The hidden part of the mind, called reactive mind, records the moments of pain and unconsciousness of a person”s life without being able to differentiate or evaluate anything that it has recorded under these circumstances.

This oddity is, far more often than we believe, the root of the unwanted reactions and uncontrolled behaviors that riddle our life with. These spoil the relationships between people, cause arguments and separations in which we can count the large number of divorces and marriage failures.

Therefore, the reactive mind does not help you to survive in life. To the reactive or hidden part of the mind, every datum within each experience or picture is equal to every other datum in that same picture or experience. The reactive mind cannot distinguish anything! For example, a woman is hit in the face and falls down and she loses consciousness. The man who hit her says she”s useless. The tap is running in the kitchen. All of this information which is recorded in the reactive mind of the woman at the same time is equal to all the other information in that same experience. The pain in the face equals the sensation of falling down, equals the man”s voice, equals, the idea that she is useless, equals a tap that is running, etc.


This mind considers that everything is identical. When this woman regains consciousness and the analytical mind comes back into action, she doesn”t have access to the recordings made in the reactive mind and she is also not aware of this. Unfortunately, when these recordings are reactivated in life, one can become very badly affected by one”s reactive mind.

In our example, let”s imagine that this woman, a few months later, finds herself in an environment that has enough similarity to that same earlier experience that is already recorded in her reactive mind. Now the reactive mind takes over. Let”s say that this later reactivation takes place one evening when her husband is again criticizing her and the tap is running, she will suddenly feel useless, and maybe feel the pain again, where she was hit in the face. These circumstances can even cause chronic illnesses.

Each time that you yourself feel angry, fear, anxiety or sadness, you were experiencing restimulation form your reactive mind. This is the source of your stress, your lack of self-confidence, your failures, your fears, your emotional crashes and your loss of self control.

You can also be affected by the reactive mind of others: an angry father, an unpleasant boss, an aggressive driver and many other circumstances…